Meet Mark

Mark, a longtime Dallas resident, is a veteran of the financial services industry. He has helped build four successful investment management firms, which in turn, created hundreds of well-paying jobs. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Attacca International, an independent, privately held mergers and acquisitions firm based in Dallas, Texas. Mark lives in north Dallas with his wife of thirty-three years, two beautiful daughters, the youngest completing her senior year at West Point. His family includes three (yes three) English golden retrievers. Mark currently serves on the board of Emily’s Place in Plano, Texas. He earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Oklahoma and attended executive classes at Harvard University for advanced course study in mergers and acquisitions.

Texans deserve a leader who represents Texas values: strength, courage, independence, putting our families first, and applying “common sense” to solve a host of issues for Texas families. The Texas Senate seat will not define me. I have worked hard in the private sector for thirty-three years, just like other Texans. My sole objective as your Senator is to draft legislation that is aligned with Texas conservative values.

My commitment/pledge to all 28 million Texans is to serve you, make myself available to you, and, most importantly, I will NOT take campaign money from corporate donors and special interest groups. The people of Texas will own my campaign. To be sure, my campaign is grassroots powered.

We have many wonderful people moving to Texas in need of representation. We need to build our infrastructure, improve our transportation, and consider feasibility studies that may warrant new “hub” airports in strong growth areas like Grayson. Collin, San Marcos, and Ector counties affording two Texas based airlines to compete and create new job opportunities. I want to make sure our military bases are fully funded and operational. We need to ensure that consumers are being protected by unfair interest rates by banks and other lenders. I want women who have been dislocated in a marriage to have access to affordable loans and financing so; they can build their own life and start a small business. The playing field isn’t level. I will change this. We need student loan reform. We need to ensure that we can choose our healthcare provider, and we need to abolish Obamacare – all of it. Medical insurance providers have no interest in your health. The medical insurance lobbyist is the largest lobbyist group in Washington – and for good reason. They want to salvage what is left of Obamacare. Congress allows insurance companies to dictate capitation rates to doctors. Insurance companies are laser focused on net profits. As your senator, I will reverse this “money grab” within the first year in the senate. We need to return the personal responsibility of health care coverage to the great people of Texas at affordable premium rates.

I will lead to encourage self-reliance and lift up millennials because this will soon be their Texas. I will propose and draft legislation that promotes the American entrepreneurial spirit to continue to flourish in Texas. I will work with the Senate to create legislation to stop the piracy of America’s patented materials and intellectual property by China.

I will support our President through thick or thin! I will stand with our President at the border as more work remains, particularly the enormous amount of narcotics flowing into Texas. The deregulation that President Trump has accomplished in spite of roadblocks from Democrats has inspired more Texans to engage in entrepreneur activity to create jobs and wealth.

Let’s get to work!